Alice - Guinness Postcards

Availability: IN STOCK
Condition: Postcards clean and bright, except Bottle & Jug which has a slight crease across centre; envelope torn & worn but intact: VG
Edition: 1st edition
Pages: 6 postcards in original envelope
Author: Carroll, Lewis [parody]
Publisher: Arthur Guinness Son & Co. Ltd.
Publication date: [c.1948]
Signed: -
Illustrator: Antony Groves-Raines and others after John Tenniel's Alice illustrations
Folio/binding: In original envelope printed in red and green
Place of publication: London
Format: Postcards
Weight: 0.5 kg

    A VG rare set of 6 postcard colour reproductions of some of the famous Guinness Alice posters and advertisements (Alice Studies Natural History, Mushroom Growth, Why was the Hatter Mad?, Bottle & Jug, My Mother Said..., Bottle Royal) contained within their original envelope.